About Us


Full name: Danang Road Freight Association.

International name: Danang Road Freight Transport Association.

Abbreviated: DANATA.

Danang Road Freight Transport Association (hereinafter referred to as DANATA) is a grassroots organization of the Vietnam Automobile Transportation Association (hereinafter referred to as VATA), a social-professional organization; is the legal representative of the DANATA members operating road freight and related road freight in Da Nang city, volunteering together to support business cooperation in production, building together Establishment of the car transport industry increasingly developed in the direction of modern, effective.

DANATA is the bridge between enterprises (DN) and state agencies, collecting, reflecting, researching and proposing to state management agencies on the requirements of enterprises to develop policies and mobilize enterprises to develop the automobile industry to meet the socio-economic development of Danang and the whole country; Protect the legal rights of members in accordance with the law.

DANATA operates within the city of Danang, is open its own account and used its own seal.

DANATA operates in accordance with the Regulations on the Organization and Operation of VATA, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

With the mission:

Economic linkages between members, exploiting the potential of members in the automobile transportation business, to help each other create additional and perfect technical facilities and business operations to achieve business efficiency. high altitude Mobilize and instruct the institutes to improve and improve the quality of their operations in the field of automobile transportation.
Regular exchange of information on the dynamics of price fluctuations, transportation demand, loading and unloading of goods, consumption sources, supply of spare parts and other important information affecting transport truck loading.
Organizing seminars and symposiums to exchange professional experiences, scientific and technical knowledge on advanced technology of automobile transportation of members, constantly improve professional skills. professional discipline and international relations.
To reflect and propose to the authorities of Da Nang city and concerned agencies the policies, measures to develop, improve and improve the quality of serving the country's industrialization and modernization. .
To adopt the necessary solutions to protect the legitimate interests of its members. Set up a fund to make up for the loss of legitimate members in the event that they have to abide by the decisions and resolutions to ensure the interests of the majority of the other members.
Guiding, advising members on legal issues, professional, commercial investment in technical means. Harmonize and resolve problems arising in the practice of transportation activities among members.
Establish relationships with industry organizations and economic sectors to expand the legal business development of production and business for members.
Organizes the management, use and operation of DANATA funds.